About the company.

royalstockphoto.kinsta.cloud is own and operated by Kim Seng from Kimo Media LLC. This is a small local business providing digital media content to businesses and individuals. 

Goal and mission.

My goal and mission at Royal Stock Photo is to provide unique photography and video of the local Florida area that can’t be found anywhere else. I strive to make my transaction process easy, simple and affordable. I am here to help other local businesses succeed by offering free content to companies without a budget. Please see my Free Photo of the Month page. 

Product and services.

We provide digital media content to businesses and individuals for commercial or personal use. Our products include royalty free images and videos for purchase on this webiste. We also provide photo request services if you cannot find the photo you are looking for. Please visit our Photo Request page for more info.

How it started.

In 2009 I started CaptainKimo.com website sharing my daily photos. After a couple of years I had people asking me how they could buy the images to use either personally or for their business. Back then everything was done manually using Paypal and email. I was traveling a lot then also which made it difficult to provide digital images to customers in a timely manner. Eventually while I was visiting Cambodia in 2014  I started royalstockphoto.kinsta.cloud after not being able to get the images to the buyer. And that’s how Royal Stock Photo got started to make the whole process easier for everyone! 

Giving back to the community.

I offer free or discounted products and services to non profit organizations that need assistance with their project. I know that not all organizations have the budget for images and video so I try to do my part in making the world a better place. You can use my contact form on my support page for more info on how we can be of help.

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