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For support please email using the contact info below. Most questions can be answered by reading the Frequently Asked Questions on this page. Please allow 1-2 hours for support on a recent purchase during business hours. For general questions please allow 24-48 hours for a response. For voicemail please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send me a message on

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Answers to the most asked questions.

1. No watermark are on the images you buy.

2. You will get instant download with email link.

3. Yes you can use my photos for your book cover or magazine.

4. The largest I would recommend printing is 40 inches wide. You can print larger but you will start seeing some loss of quality.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do I download the image and how long does it take.
Once payment is made you will get an invoice by e-mail with download links. Please allow 5-10 mins for email to arrive. Also check you spam folder because a lot of times it is marked as spam due to the download links.

2. What resolution and file format are the files?
All image files are JPG at 300dpi resolution with compression. I can supply a different file format upon request for an additional fee. Note – 99% of the time my images will work fine unless you are printing very large.

3. What pixel size are the files?
The majority of my images are 5600×3730 and 6000×4000 pixels. Aspect ratio at this size is 3×2. My newer images now are 7000×4667 pixels wide.

4. How large can I print these images using the high resolution file?
You can easily print a photo as large as 36 x 24 inches. I recommend max print size to be 48 x 32 inches. My newer images can go up to 60×40 inches.

5. Can I use the image with my business?
Yes you can. If you paid for it you can use it anyway you want. However you cannot resell or redistribute the image in its’ original format.

6. Can I use the image for free in my home or personal website?
Yes you can. Please credit me for the photo if it’s being used on a personal website. If you need a high resolution file you will need to buy the image.

7. Can I use Free Photo of the Month with my business?
Yes you can but you need to credit me for the photo like so…
“Photo by Kim Seng at”
If you would like to exclude the credit you will need to buy the photo.

8. What limits do I have with using your photos?
There are no limitations with my images. It’s a simple agreement you buy the photo you can use the photo. The only thing you can’t do is resell or redistribute my images.

9. Can I alter your photo by adding text and other graphics?
Yes you can. Most people use them for brochures or websites with text over the image.

10. Do I need to credit you for the photo?
If you bought the image there is no need to credit me. However I know in some cases you will need to credit me for the work done. In this case you can credit me like this – “Photo by Kim Seng.”

11. Who owns the copyright on your photos?
All photos are created by me and I own all copyrights.

12. Can I purchase your image for exclusive use?
No you cannot because when I post a photo I post it to various social networks. Once it gets on the web it goes all over the internet so I can not guarantee exclusivity. However if you would like exclusive photos for your use you can commission me to be your photographer. In this case you will be given all copyrights. Price for this service starts at $300 per image. Please contact me for a more accurate quote.

13. We have a “Limited Budget for Our Project” can we use your image with our company/organization?
I understand that starting a business or project can be a very financially draining process. If you absolutely cannot afford to pay me for my work then this is what I’m willing to do to help you succeed. You can use my image but you need to credit me for the photo like so… “Photo by Kim Seng at”. You can pay me for my work once your business is generating income. If you would like to exclude the credit you will need to buy the photo. If you need a high resolution image you will need to buy the photo.

14. What camera gear do you use?
Throughout my career I’ve used may different cameras. Currently I am using a Sony AR72, Fuji XT-3 and Nikon D7200. My cameras before were Samsung NX500, Canon M3, Canon 5DMK2, Canon T2i, Sony A7 and Nikon D5300.

15. I cannot find the photo I am looking for?
If you are sure the photo you are looking for belongs to me, then please contact me and I can help you find the image. Some images, especially older ones might not have been uploaded to this website. Also my newest images posted at get updated to this website weekly.

16. Is your website secure?
I do not store any personal information on The only information I keep on file is your name and email for my records so I know who has commercial rights to my images. As for payment processing, I do not process the transaction on my website. All payments are processed using Paypal’s secure servers or secure servers.

17. Can I use your image for a painting?
Yes you can use my image as a reference for your painting or any other works of art for personal use. If you require a high resolution file to paint from please purchase the image. If you plan on selling the art please purchase the image. Note it’s only a one time purchase. You can can sell your painting/art without limitation.

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