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Each for ten or more photos

Pricing for photos at royalstockphoto.kinsta.cloud is simple, unlike other stock photo websites that make you buy credits to purchase a photo or require an annoying subscription to get the best deal. I know because I was a graphic designer for over a decade and I had to purchase images for my clients all the time.

To purchase a single photo is $29.95. If you need to buy two or more photos it will be $19.95 for each photo. If you are interested in buying 10 or more photos for your project the price is $14.95 for each image. It can’t get any simpler than that!

On top of that you will also get a high resolution file for each image. Where other sites will charge you extra for the high resolution file. If you don’t believe me go ahead an order a free photo and see for yourself.

You can buy with confidence with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
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Payment accepted by credit card and PayPal. Credit card is processed using Stripe’s secured servers. I can also send an invoice and accept payment by check for organizations that require this method of transaction. Just contact me at [email protected] and I will help process the order.

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